I'm a Life & Language Coach - and, when we are able

to 'connect', we will begin by working towards finding a way

of working that will help you to maintain the feeling of

being comfortable, safe and empowered within our continued [ongoing] link of support.


Spiritual Wellness - Aims: I offer 'active listening' skills, 'coaching & mentoring' - and, the implementation of several mechanisms [via 'self-led'  referral] in basic 'remote holistic support'.


Objectives: A New Year filled with Aspirations!

You will see that I have used the idea of 'aspiration' rather than 'resolution' in the hope of instilling the idea of 'working towards' rather than 'I promise to ... .'  This is because outwardly, for some, it might just seem almost impossible to actually implement, action and even  continue with, the idea of 'immediate change' - if it just doesn't seem do-able, viable or even achievable.


Hence the idea: or 'aspiration [i.e. to work towards]' the cessation of smoking cigarettes might appear somewhat more achieveable than the 'resolution' to 'quit-smoking immediately'.


Like when we work to learn [or Teach]: a new 'language' to another - whereby, a 'step-by-step' and 'continued practice approach' is often the key.


When we 'aspire': we are allowing ouselves to 'dream', to begin to believe that we are worthy and that we have permission to progress forward towards 'the very thing that we believe that will help us to succeed'. The only thing is: sometimes we might need to 'self-clarify' our own 'skill-set' in order to help ensure that we have the necessary skills and abilities in order to actually achieve and or visualise

our actuality [or dream].

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Taking this time to clarify one's 'needs analysis' is, I believe, an essential link of 'personal development' - and, although 'taking-too-much' time might just prevent the inclination to actually begin the process of change, it is still important none the less.


Whilst there are many articles: books and journals, that 'offer an insight', on how to 'feel good' - or, how to

'feel-even-better' [compared to this time last year] - and, with so much going on in the big wide world, it's often easy to forget life's achievements, in order to arrive at this 'given-moment-in-time'.


Acceptance: of everyday links of change too - and, with each new link of [considered] aspiration, you might have even also considered beginning anew [or starting afresh] and with ongoing support, too.


After all: sometimes, there often seems to be 'no rhyme or reason' as to why things happen as they do, in this big wide world we live within - although: there is one thing that we might be able to count-on for sure, and that is the notion that each new day has the ability to bring forth new links of experience that might also allow the possibility of or for change - and, that no matter what 'barrier might present itself', there will always be a way/avenue or link that will allow you to continue onwards towards your own pathway again.


I look forward to working with you ...


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